HACKER managed to reveal, it turns GLOBAL WARMING is just nonsense

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Something extraordinary happened in the world of the global warming debate. On Thursday, November 19, 2009, it was announced that a hacker has managed to get 160 megabytes of data and collection of mail from the server Climate Research unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UAE) in the UK. Emails that contained conversations between the principal investigator at the site since 1997 until now, and it seems like, email it shows the existence of data manipulation on global warming.
Very interesting. Previously we had a hacker named Gary McKinnon who break into computer networks owned by NASA, the Department of Defense and the U.S. military only to find classified information about ufo. Now we have the Anonymous hacker who jumped directly into the global warming debate by breaking into computer networks of global warming leading research organizations in the world.
As we know, the progress of science depends on a complete and accurate data, including the science of global warming. But in recent days, the world was surprised by the disclosure of inconsequential practices conducted by researchers of global warming, of course I mean the researchers pro Al Gore.
Andrew Bolt, one writer even said that this scandal could be the biggest scandal in the history of modern science.
Not long ago we offered frightening news that the polar ice caps will melt completely in 20 years. Then not long after that, the IPCC (the UN agency on climate change) through its chairman, Dr RK Pachauri released a statement that the ice in the Himalayas will melt the total in 2035. Even thought, the melting of the ice can be more quickly if "we do not do anything".
It looks like ahead of climate conference in Copenhagen to be held in December, scientists have become more pro-Al Gore often said "predictions" about the disaster masiv equivalent to the movie "2012" you just watch. In other words, these scientists have created a "doomsday prophecy 2012" new.

While scientists in other parts of the world, which usually have limited the technology, can only receive raw data from the western world. Yes, perhaps many of us who do not know that climate change data that we know (and reported by the media) was not derived from the findings that we do ourselves. Most data comes from a place called the Climate Research Unit (CRU) at the University of East Anglia (UAE), UK. The organization also supplies data to the IPCC and researchers pro Al Gore the other.
Well, in a heated debate between scientists pros and cons of Al Gore is a hacker has finally decided to get into the arena. Emails from the CRU who burglarized was published on the internet by a hacker who calls himself "FOIA".
In the email, the researchers who have discovered the same ideology agreed to cover up global warming data are inconsistent with their claims. Email this has been confirmed to the CRU and they acknowledge that the contents of an email that appeared in the media have descended from their servers.
One of the emails that successfully obtained from a conversation between Prof. Phil Jones, head of the CRU and Prof. Michael E Mann of Pennsylvania State University. These two men are the main supporters of Al Gore in the matter of global warming.
In one conversation, Prof. Jones suggested to Prof. Mann to do the "trick" with the climate change data in each series to conceal a decline in global temperatures."I just use a trick from Mike to add new data on the actual data from each series in the last 20 years and from 1961 to hide the drop (the temperature)."
After the scandal uncovered, Prof Mann explained to the New York Times that scientists commonly use the word "trick" to refer to how best solve a problem and does not mean anything secret (???).
In another email, Prof Jones also said that he had better remove the data that are inconsistent with their claims rather than sending data to other researchers. Prof Jones also encouraged Prof. Mann to do the same.
In 2009, CRU got a lot of criticism for refusing to release the data used to create the Earth's surface temperature history reports. Demand from researchers and other scientists have been rejected and in some cases, the maker of the report acknowledge that the original data used is gone.
Email the above seems to confirm everything.
In addition to conversations that occur between these two professors, who had burglarized another email is an email from Tim Osborn, one of the other professors in the CRU. In his email, Prof. Osborn discuss with colleagues about ways to cut the data to hide the downward trend in global climate temperature.
Then in another email, Prof. Prof. Osborn Mann asked not to forward the data it sends to others because the data that the researchers confirmed the theory of anti-Al Gore's global warming.
Not only that, one of the emails also contained comments about the death of John L. Daly, a researcher opponent Al Gore. The comment reads, "In a weird way, this news is actually good news."
Given these recent developments, Senator James Inhofe's famous version of the anti-global warming Al Gore has also demanded the U.S. Congress to investigate the Pennsylvania State University and several other universities are known to be involved in the falsification of this data.
Earlier, not long after the predictions of melting ice in the Himalayas was released by the IPCC, the Indian government through the ministry of the environment has released a statement which wants an independent study on the snow conditions in the Himalayas. The data used government of India today is the data derived from western researchers.
Given the large number of emails successfully broken, then the email content is checked further by other researchers to find evidence of another lie. If found evidence of high-level conspiracy, then the case is of course really will be the biggest scientific scandal in the world.
Are the Himalayan snows would melt the total in 2035? The answer to this question will depend on the objectivity of research on the Himalayan snows.
Those who are ignorant will be very easily deceived. So the question is when can we have the knowledge and technology of the caliber of the world so that we can decide for ourselves whether the world is warming or cooling.
Knowledge is power, right?

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