Indonesian Official Languages ​​ASEAN Coming Up

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Indonesian Coming Up ASEAN Official Language | If there is no hitch in September, delegates of ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assemby (AIPA) held a further meeting in Cambodia. Interestingly, the meeting will be decided, whether the Indonesian will be the official language of ASEAN countries.

     "The ideal of Gajah Mada Mahapatih Uniting archipelago at least be realized even in the only language"

This was revealed by the Speaker of the House Marzuki Alie statement that became one of the delegates Indonsia sidelines of a high level summit meeting on Saturday (07/05/2011). "The proposal (Indonesian official language of ASEAN) last year was accepted by all delegations. For what, Thailand one of them using the Indonesian language, the southern Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei as well. So close in part of members (ASEAN) in Indonesian language," Marzuki said Alie

"Once we say, directly to understand each other and understand," he said. Indonesian deemed worthy of being the official language of ASEAN. Moreover, almost in some countries in Southeast Asia are familiar with the Indonesian language. Even in Australia, Indonesian language used in school curriculum

"It is rightly so, the Indonesian language be the official language of ASEAN. Because of the number of users, yes indeed most Indonesian language. It would be great if Malaysia and Brunei plus a cognate language," said activist as well as the PDI-P politicians, Eva Kusuma Sundari, Saturday (07/05/2011).

Eva sure, the opportunity was passed into Bahasa Indonesian in ASEAN greater. The reason, in Australia, with political considerations teach Indonesian became the official curriculum. "That is, Indonesian has a chance to become the official languages ​​of the world and it starts in ASEAN. No aliternatif language other than Indonesian is the language of ASEAN," she believes.

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