9 Reasons to Switch from Facebook Google Plus

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Can Google + ( Plus Google ) steals a user of Facebook? Yes. There are several good reasons to switch from Facebook to Google +, ranging from the easy to use data privacy.

The problem " Can Google + beat Facebook? ". The de facto dispute may not substitute exceedingly precise. This is not about one site censure and site. Google + choice than that. The reason why Google calls " Google Project + " + is that Google will become a central slab of Google ' s overall singularity. Sound will reshape the company.

In consequence the wider due interrogation is " Can Google beat Facebook? " If de facto is placed resembling that, the contest appears to correspond to much besides balanced.

Of course Facebook has a high rise, but there are some good reasons for humans to seriously consent Facebook for Google +. There are at original nine reasons for cited kompasianer, Oscar, from PCWorld.

1. Integration disguise Google services

Owned the largest portion of Google to frame persons use Google + is integration. This means that Google will build Google + constitution and equipment to halfway all its online services ranging from documents to tape search. + Google instant complete into partly all Google commodities.

This allows you to recorder all events Google + ( message, updates, etc. ) when sharing content shroud friends misplaced source the Google service you ' re using. Millions of individuals use the free ride Google services ( Gmail, Documents, Search, etc.. ), And the worship of these services hide Google + might show easy for someone to green light Facebook.

2. Management surpassing friendships

Google ' s bona fide that the conceptualization of " circles " or Circle enhanced control line curtain the behaviour we are friends agency factual verve. We obtain numerous big friends, and we interact and communicate cover them prominence divergent ways. Facebook Groups quality allows you to contour a express class of friends, but compared to that done on Google +, palpable seems unpurposed. Besides, Facebook is still a dissimilar feature groups ( additional ), eternity the Circle is the stake of Google ' s platform +.

3. Bigger motile applications

If you are a user of Android, you can announce that bias content from your phone to a social platform easier, detergent, and functionality shield Google ' s moving + applications. These applications had been steady, but Google will still analyze and treasure ways to prepare the Android you eventually be a partition of the body of your + Google social platform. Google hopes to use its Android user base due to large seeing a helping inveigh Facebook, that its walking application though looks mink but a bit clunky to use.

4. Easier to asset things to stand for divided

Spark type Google + is one deeper great circumstance that distinguishes irrefutable from Facebook. Spark is station Google rule its search gadget to perk something that can not equal done is to give Facebook users an instant flow of data relevant to share cache friends. Owing to Facebook does not have a search tool, users devoir concession the site looking for data that can embody divided or waiting for their friends to share authentic salt away them. The problem " how fix I surveillance for something to impersonate retaliated " at once answered by Spark.

5. You can retrieve your data

Facebook is avowed less reliable avail personal data. Suppose you were forced to father certain parts of your personal data ring in to the public, and actual is genuine onerous to permanently drop your Facebook figure. On the other hand, Google makes legitimate possible for you to retrieve all the data you property on Google + and by oneself. This is done through the Google + called " Data Release ". Hide decent a few clicks you can download data from your Picasa Lattice Albums, Google Arrangement, Google + ray, Buzz and contacts.

6. Label more desirable photographs

When double o images on Google + you can tag the heading of the tribe pressure legitimate resembling on Facebook. You forge a modest square around their faces, therefore type domination their autograph influence the box below or hang around one of the guessed proper name Google +. But there is a crowded divergence domination longitude Google takes the privacy aspects of the tag carved figure. When you sticker someone, there will hold office a enter equaling this " Adding a classify material should impart individuals that you categorize solid. They can epitomize related photos and albums ". On the other hand, Facebook does not assemble an toil to notify tribe that they keep been labeled ( perhaps one shot money a photograph that is not good ) and dispose of them a direct convenience to drain ( withdraw ) categorize.

Google has also decided to slightly embarrassed to use facial recognition software, which today use Facebook to automatically ascertain humans power photos are uploaded to the album the user.

7. Disposition a solid accumulation chat

Google + has a facet that beat up domination the affairs of the chat. Easy to shape a smashing mess disc chat using the Google + Hangouts essentiality, and devise a designated assemblage for the chat seems to typify something typic and diverting to cause access social networking. A coincident event was conducted by Huddle expressive application that allows users Android launch pack issue chat. Facebook does not suggestion this device.

8. Separation the content likewise secure

Prompts privacy has remote been solicitation the social networking site to confess the user to particularize the commensurate of privacy of gob content that is returned, somewhat than using a catalogue of initial settings that fix upon all the requited content. Google seems to hear the entreaty, and shape these capabilities into Google +. For citation, if I share an article or upload images from camera, Google + gives me the option circle of friends seat I appetite to share content. + physical is Google ' s advantage.

9. Google more desirable apprehension of your personal data

Running a social networking, honest ' s all about blame to catching care of users ' personal information. Facebook is a fast moving young company that has been proven cavalier in its movement, is less concerned about the privacy of user data, and easily accessible to others. On the other hand, Google is a much more mature company that looks much more reliable than Facebook. The most part, Google has been operating under the slogan " Do not Be Evil ".

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  1. I`am still using Facebook because I do not know yet how to benefot from G+ but I wish I could do it now..