Alfred Riedl di Depak PSSI

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PSSI chairman of the newly elected, Johar Arifin, officially announced the sacking of coach Alfred Riedl of the major national team coach seats Indonesia.

This announcement comes just days ahead of departure Indonesia national team to Turkmenistan to carry out party Pre-World Cup qualifier in Turkmenistan

Johar's first new national team manager announced the appointment of Indonesia, namely Ferry Nature addition, Johar also announced replacement as head coach Riedl.

"It's an uproar. Per-tomorrow (Thursday, July 14) coaches instead Riedl, "he said at the office of PSSI, Bung Karno, Jakarta, Wednesday (07/13/11) evening hrs.

"We're looking for a letter contract with PSSI not met so it is actually not clear on his contract," said the chairman, when asked whether the process is complete dismissal Riedl.

But when asked about the real reason for the dismissal Riedl, Johar like trouble answering. He was silent for a moment, before saying curtly, "Yes, for a refresher course."

Instead, PSSI appointed Dutchman Wim Rijsbergen.

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