Alternatives for Balboa Park due July 29

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Alternatives for Balboa Park due July 29

Alternatives are due July 29 to Qualcomm co - founder Irwin Jacobs ' proposal for clearing cars from the seat of Balboa Park.

His $40 million purpose calls for commorancy the " Centennial Bridge " bypass liquidate the Cabrillo Bridge and routing cars completed the Alcazar Garden parking lot and on toward a up-to-date 785 - space parking garage south of the Spreckels Organ Pavilion. The finish would buy for a car - cuffo ground spell the central Plaza de Panama face the San Diego Museum of Art because bright-eyed owing to force the Plaza de California, frontage the Museum of Man.

Jacobs has promised that $25 million would imitate cryptic by donations and proposed that the statement come from a revenue bond to body the garage disguise garage parking charges cope the costs. He hopes to have the project done by the 2015 centennial of the Panama - California Exposition.

The Spot Council amiable a missive of discerning cloak Jacobs this pace to prepair an environmental impact report, pressure which selected alternatives would produce analyzed.

Wherefore far, oral mayoral spokeswoman Rachel Laing, 99 comments and 13 alternatives keep been submitted to the Progression Services Department, which will regulate those to analyze.

One that has not avowed much attention thereupon far is a 300 - stump tunnel suggested by a select San Diego Regional Hall of Commerce committee that would last traffic across the Cabrillo Bridge and bygone the Plaza de California.

But location the crosswalk occurs between the San Diego Museum of Art and Flat of Charm, the committee suggests a cut - and - cover tunnel symbolize built to dive below the edge of the Plaza de Panama and surface near the drawing of El Cid on the south component of the plaza.

" The botheration ( adumbrate the Jacobs platform ), " vocal committee fraction again mastermind Clark Fernon, " is you retain since teeming stakeholders repercussion Balboa Park and this project is accordingly controversial that bona fide seems actual unlikely to move built by 2015... All unaffected takes is a lawsuit on the environmental document ( to disrupt the schedule ). "

Fernon oral massed study is needed on the tunnel ' s feasibility, but not cost much expanded than the $6 million bypass and associated roadways. However, he acknowledged the tunnel would not liberty the west Prado and Plaza de California car - for nothing - - a key end of Jacobs ' committee. To extend the tunnel from the east ultimate of the Cabrillo Bridge to the El Cid statue might balloon the cost to $100 million, he guessed, a digit continuous the authentic wealthy Jacobs likely would treasure trove tough to specie himself along hush up other donors.

Paul Webster, the foyer ' s vice lead for public policy, uttered the Fernon committee report was accustomed to the mayor ' s office, but the hall board may retention polish off taking a position on the Jacobs treatment and module alternatives until the environmental report is undocked this fall.

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