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Its ads on Facebook muzzled. Michael Lee Johnson now can only complain to Google +
Although Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is the most popular figures on Tuesday, Google ' s social networking, Google +, but it does not mean the air of competition between Facebook and Google can be cooled.

Recently, the site reveals TechCrunch censorship by Facebook lambaste Google +. As a Netting developer named Michael Lee Johnson conceive an ad on Facebook to push for + Google tally, it turns out the ad was subsequent shut down by Facebook.

Connections the ad repercussion Facebook, Michael asked the nation to a Google report to add + to the Circle ( Circle ) them. " If you are lucky enough to own a Google balance + add Michael Cover Johnson. An avid Internet, application developers, and Virtuoso technology. " Similarly, the sound of the ad.

However, Facebook and thus not identical it when someone makes its site to body relationships spell other social networks. Inevitably, Facebook pulled the ad Michael.

These days, Michael can lone moan access Google +. " LOL: I recently imaginary?? on Google + ads on Facebook that makes all my campaigns suspended. - Spanking. " uttered Michael.

According to Michael, Facebook sole gives the transcribe is not crystal. " Generally, we disable your account over manifold or violates the Terms of Relevance Urge Escort. But we can not deliver specific violations which posses been violated. Please see the then current Terms of Use or Guidelines Advertise within Facebook, " Facebook said to Michael.

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