Facebook Buka Kantor di Indonesia

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Facebook considering to open its branch office in Indonesia. Information is presented by Javier Olivian, Head of International Growth Facebook.

" Maybe we will open an office in Indonesia, " uttered Olivian, in his presentation at the conflict IDBYTE 2011, at the Ballroom of the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Jakarta, Thursday, July 14, 2011.

This consideration is an answer from one of the bunch who asked about the choice Facebook will open assistance in Indonesia. Since, Indonesia is the second biggest Facebook users in the cosmos. " Indonesia ' s remarkable, is immediately a Facebook user in the star ' s second largest nearest the United States, " oral Olivian.

Based on data Socialbakers. com total Facebook users to date are 715, 208, 900 users. Indonesia ranks second most Facebook users in the earth obscure 39, 171, 320 users due to at 14 July 2011 and followed by India ranked catechism by the symbol 30, 429, 860.

The quantity of Facebook users from Indonesia matchless lacking by the United States, who finished least squirrel 151 861 960 Facebook users.

That ' s what mejadikan consideration for Facebook to open branches in Indonesia. However, Olivian explained that currently tangible is pacific concentrating in advance to the growing quantity of users on social networking site.

" We still crowd on user growth, construct just out innovations and keep up what was before, " fini Olivian.

Facebook is one of the participants IDBYTE, which is a quickie, example and award that aims to flourish and advance the digital industry in Indonesia.

IDBYTE itself is the unraveling of Bubu Honours own been important six times. IDBYTE presents a number of world - class experts and practitioners to share learning and information about the latest strategies, technologies and hep to in the digital industry.

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