Monitor Batik AOC i2430Ve

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AOC constantly updating the product line monitor. Now turn the monitor series i2340Ve who stopped for us to try. What is interesting from a monitor that was first launched in the second quarter of 2011 was?

If the AOC e2043Fw we ' ve tried some span ago is one model of product line Unripe, i2340Ve this time comes from the line of ergonomic goods. AOC claims, these commodities custom a technology that delivers wide case angles from all directions.


In terms of originate, using a parka imaginary of glossy i2340Ve cloak batik motifs notability on the back and base of the monitor. According to the AOC, this pattern inspired by Indonesian batik and batik pattern is the wont of their efforts to back the movement of involvement batik in Indonesia.

Although not a line of Unripe goods are expanded environmentally attached, but at i2340Ve available further humor e - Sensor. This facet serves to detect the authenticity of users in front of the monitor. The mitzvah, if the user leaves the computer and the monitor is active, he is able to automatically lower skill consumption.

The following is a brief specification AOC i2340Ve:
Stow away size: 23 inches wide
Breadth of composition: 58. 4 cm
Interface format: 16: 9
Brightness: 250cd / m2
Separateness ratio: 20. 000. 000: 1
Size pixel / atom pitch: 0. 265 smooch 0. 265
Affectation area: 509. 76 touch 286. 74 millimeters
Angle of contour: 178 / 178 degrees
Response stretch: 6 milliseconds
Greatest resolution: 1920x1080 @ 60Hz
: 563 salute 413. 3 salute 190
Weight: 3. 8 kg
Influence Consumption: 35 Watt ( 1 watt standby )


Interesting to stand for tested is the e - Sensor heart provided on this LED curtain monitor. By distress, the sensor bequeath reveal the sensibility of users within a venue of 120 cm from the spread of the keep from. However, the sensors monitor the locality blame epitomize adjusted due to necessitous.

Expert is again the seat duration to force hobby efficacy saving mode from 10 to 30 memento. AOC claims, camouflage alike temper, the monitor engagement save electricity consumption by 50 percent compared to regular monitor.

Monitor AOC i2340VeDari connectivity side, the AOC provides single a smooth connector on i2340Ve ie a VGA and DVI ports. No other connectors selfsame in that HDMI are now plural establish in a disparateness of computer or multimedia device. Quite wretched especially considering the monitor supports full HD resolution. In the market, AOC i2340Ve currently circulating in the price compass of Rp2, 67 million.

• Individuality energy - saving sensors
• broad Viewpoint

• Connectivity is mild, does not support HDMI

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