nokia Multi SIM Card

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In recent years mobile phone with two SIM slots or RUIM many in the market of Indonesia. The author is generally a local vendor, whose products are designed and manufactured in China. Even now the trend has been to 3 even 4 card slots inside a cellular phone.

Recently, Nokia, one of the apple ' s elder mobile phone manufacturers in future were moved to spring into that market. Quite than tidily following the trend or confiscate the fortune of local producers who had present been struggling in a multi SIM segment, Nokia taken this step adjoining taking feedback from their users.

" One awash side of our means is working on billions of other users, and market opportunities in the mobile industry that has else than one SIM slot is huge, " vocal Lukman Susetyo, Head of Marketing at Nokia Indonesia in Jakarta, July 15, 2011.

Lukman oral Nokia may seem unpunctual compared with other manufacturers in presenting a twin SIM mobile phone. However, Lukman claims, is really not the position.

" Before we contemporary the product, we are always trial research and listening to feedback from users, " spoken Lukman. " And from our research, current users tended to posses expanded than one operator card. For that, we undertaking to suitable their needs, " he verbal.

For starters, professional are two models of multi - SIM mobile phone provided that the Finnish element in the Indonesian market. Both phones are Nokia X1 - 01 and C2 - 00. Both phones is the aboriginal product of the line Nokia phones Swap.

According Anvid Erdian, Market Product Employer Nokia Indonesia, paired SIM in both phones are designed to help users. For archetype the SIM card manager aspect that lets users set up a exceptional SIM card which is used for telephone or SMS, and SIM card which is used for data, or vice versa.

The second SIM card is again inserted nailed down a slot in the side of the phone. Consequently, users rap forthwith found or extract the SIM card cast away turning the phone exterminate basic. SIM card is installed is also at once detected and authority enact used ( plug and play ).

In Indonesia, X1 - 01 which is a paired standby melody phone available in the price of Rp375 thousand. The X2 - 00 which rely more on productivity features marketed at a price of Rp575 thousand. Both were already present in early July 2011. Interestingly, the user can choose any cellular operator that he wanted to take advantage of this phone.

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