Tips Keep Important Documents and Data

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At the beginning of each quarter or fiscal year, you may review the performance of the business and start making a plan that could help drive the business for the next few months.

When determining targets, of course you also pay attention to the importance of protecting the assets already owned. This course includes important documents and data. Imagine what impact that arises if an important file or document is missing.

The problem, are you sure you've done the preventive measures that guarantee the existence of a backup plan?

According Darric Hor, General Manager of Symantec Indonesia and the Philippines, convert documents into digital format is one way to ensure a safe and one copy you can access that information immediately when a disaster or emergency.

Here are some basic tips for you who want to protect assets and ensure that important documents remain secure and accessible:

Use a scanner (scanner) used to create digital copies of various documents, including financial records, insurance policies, human resource forms, and others.

Create a digital file in a standard format, such as. Pdf or. Jpg, this will allow you to access files from any device without worrying about compatibility.

In addition to important papers, you may need to consider doing digitizing images, videos and other multimedia used in your company's operations and marketing.

When the archiving process is complete, copy the information into a CD or DVD and store in a safe place like a safe deposit box at a bank or send it also to your legal advisor.

Because your company's assets may change significantly from year to year, do the update records once a year - or, at least, do it every time there is a significant change in assets.

Creating a digital archive of important information will help protect your company from unforeseen events and provide a backup in case the physical document is lost or inaccessible.

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