The FBI launched an application to help parents report the child missing

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If they do not chase the bad guys, the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation has smartphone applications for the parents concerned.

Child ID, provides the first mobile application that the FBI made, parents with a place to gather information about the children they are useful to save for emergencies.

Parents can separate entries for each child, complete with photos, size, weight and other descriptive information. Then, when a child disappears in the mall, for example, parents can quickly reference info from the phone, if you have a complaint with the police.

This application also has buttons to dial 911 or the nationwide hotline for missing children, and call for the transfer of data on missing children on the Internet.

For all those who make their nervous families file in the software was designed by the FBI, the FBI will be an "important information" which it says in: "The FBI (and iTunes for that matter) do not collect or store any images or information. that you saved in the application "in the data storage device and will only be transferred if the application to send the report, the FBI said.

Child ID debuted Friday as a free download for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch owners. The FBI is planning a version of the program to other phones later version, said the government agency in a statement.

While the FBI novice when it comes to building mobile applications, several U.S. federal agencies have shared with other applications. Internal Revenue Service, Office of Personnel Management, the State Department, Transportation Security Administration and the White House have any application. Many are listed on

The U.S. government seems to support mobile platforms for many of Apple's software releases. Aneesh Chopra, Chief Technology Officer at the White House, said the blog switched two years ago that he and a BlackBerry for work and the iPhone as a personal device.

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