How to install Google Adsense on Facebook Pages

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As per my promise on the post How to Put Google AdSense on Facebook Fans Page I will give you how to install adsense code on facebook pages. For that straight. Some of them:
  • Log in to your Facebook account and go to application page iwipa.
  • Click on "Go to App"
  • Click "Install Now page iwipa"
  •  From the next page, select "Facebook" page, where you want to display Google ads
  •  Click the " Add iwipa= HTML + Iframe + FBML "
  •  Well, now your Facebook page and click on the Welcome tab (this newly created registry) from the left sidebar and click on " Click Here to Activate Your page "
  •  Now you can see a complete iwipa admin interface from where you manage your Facebook page
  •  Click the "Tabs and layout"

  • (- You may want as many boxes as you, but still only two Google ads that is testing the media box and comment) on the layout now, drag and drop all the fields in the tray, and just keep the two boxes the home page and click on the "save layout"

  •  Click "Edit Page Content"

  •  Now click on Edit from the media box, then the new window will pop-up

  •  Click the "Source" to put Google Adsense code into the body and click "SAVE

  •  That's it! Go to your page, click on the tab "Welcome" and you will see Google ads there.

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