Join Google Adsense Indonesia on Twitter

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Publisher Adsense Indonesia is one of the largest publishers in Southeast Asia. Many of the possible questions or wish Indonesian AdSense publishers, which was not provided, never to be thankful, because it is present from that moment on Adsense Indonesia Twitter account, and we can be up to date with Adsense.

They also offer a special time for us to question / ask google adsense info directly to the team of experts from Google AdSense ... waaah so fun. So now the question is troublesome questions can be channeled. And hopefully we can all have a better income than in previous days. Make It Special Special Gift from Google Adsense for us all Adsense publishers Indonesia.

To follow, you take the Google Adsense Indonesia in their Twitter account @ IDAdSense
GOOD adsense publisher Indonesia could take advantage of this opportunity to provide the best, because you share your questions and with the Indonesian language.

For official information from Google Adsense check in

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