The term in AdSense

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These are some terms in adsense, including:

Publisher is the person or owner who has joined the site and AdSense ads on their sites.

Ad Units
The importance of AdSense ad units, advertising itself. Ad units consist of several kinds and sizes. The most common type of text ads. By the time a visitor clicks on this ad unit, then (if eligible) advertisers receive revenue in accordance with the CPC values its.

Link Units
Link units similar to the ad units, except that the format is similar to the format menu that we usually encounter on web pages. What distinguishes the ad link units units is, when the user clicks these ads, then the search results pages in the search engine will be directed by Google. The new publisher will earn when visitors click on an ad unit on its side. In practice, proved link units generate more sales than normal ad units.

AdSense for Content
AdSense for Content AdSense ads are placed in a page. The ads that appear are the ads that relate to the contents page. Or a phrase with a contextual approach. Ad Units and Link Units are included in the AdSense for Content.

Alternate Ads
The AdSense for content, advertising does not always appear. The reason might be partly because there advertising inventory to predict the contents of the website up and Google can not see what the actual content of the page. If this happens, the ads displayed by default for non-profit organizations, or commonly known as PSA (Public Service Ads) is known. Because type of donations, so that, when clicked, this ad is not producing anything for the publisher. To overcome this, Google allows us to view alternative or alternative display to install. When ad units are made, has set with alternate ads, so if ad units can not be performed, the alternative advertisement is prepared.

Channels are a kind of label on the ad units, link units, AdSense for Search and references can be given. An ad unit may have more than one label, and vice versa, a label can be used for more than one ad unit. Report on the Google AdSense page, the report will be grouped according to the channel, it will greatly facilitate the use of channels publishers to analyze their AdSense performance. In general, the publisher of the name of the channel on the same ad units will be on a website. If you want more details is in order to give channel names are displayed in each block at each site. Think it is because the maximum number of channels at this time allows 200 channels.

Page Impressions
Page Impressions is the number of times that shows the page with the ad units open to visitors. Its value is not affected by the amount of ad units in the relevant page.

Clicks is the number of clicks on a publisher's ad units. In the AdSense report pages, publishers can see the number of clicks that he had, and based on ad units or Channelnya.

CTR (click through rate)
CTR is the ratio in percentage between the number of clicks an ad units by the number of ad units displayed. For example, an ad units displayed 40 times and clicked 10 times the value of CTR 25% (10:40).

CPC (Cost Per Click)
CPC is the amount of money to be earned from a specific publisher Ad Units, when clicked. Vary CPC values ​​of the individual ad units and are considered by many factors, including performance and quality determined by the editor of the website. But in general the maximum value possible 20% of the value of the dynamic bidding is offered by the advertiser.

eCPM (effective CPM)
eCPM or CPM (cost per million) is the result of the division between the number of revenue for the publishers by the number of page impressions (per 1,000), get it from advertising. For example, a publisher, the $ 200 from 50,000 impressions CPM produces a value of $ 4 have ($ 200 divided by 50).

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