Tips and Tricks Create More Effective PowerPoint Presentations

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Perhaps you are familiar with the presentation using Microsoft Power Point. Many presentations may have been quite good, but maybe you still feel less effective. Here are beberpa tricks that can be considered when making a presentation using Power Point.

Adding a lot of photos on slides. With so many images, may seem crowded, but rather if there are no pictures, information will be conveyed becomes less clear. However, not everyone liked the visual, some are like audio, or both. You can make your presentation slides can be enjoyed by the various characters.

Adding a border photos or information on slide design. By adding a border or a line or a frame in your image, it will give the impression of effective and could attract viewer sympathy. Also adjust the color with color photos. If doto yellow and green around it, then bordernya Bosa dark yellow or bright yellow. The point is to make the colors match the photo.

Adding background on the slide. With the background, then the slide will look appealing and attractive, rather than just a white background. Background color also makes the presentation more powerful, creating a deep dimension. Backgroud can be bright or dark textured, gradations of shade, or a different color with the image border.

More humorous. To add to the humor, you can add animation, so that the viewer is not bored or too serious. You can also create animations that will appear in the slide berikutnyam, after the displayed text.

Add audio in the slides. Maybe some people do not like noise and noise in the slide presentation. But, in fact it is important to make a presentation to be effective. Bebrapa sound already present in Microsoft Power Point software. This will make the viewer learn about the visual and audio, while certainly giving the award to your presentation.

Add a roll of film in the slide. This is the final and special touches to your presentation. In Power Point there are credit tool that allows you to make a movie. You can make a roll up a joint credit with animated features, so it looks like a movie. The addition of animation like filmini will make your presentation look professional.

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