Yahoo Launches Ramadan Mubarak

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Yahoo! launched a Ramadan Mubarak, a microsite dedicated to information relevant to Muslims in Indonesia during the holy month of Ramadan.

This page shows a variety of posts from Dian Ina, a creative blogger and a variety of special recipes from Budi Soetomo, a blogger who used to write about food and culinary and map back and forth and attractions, including the schedule of fasting.

"Ramadan Mubarak to take you, with the Yahoo mobile site, user to the nearest mosque with a place on the database and can also various news and articles world of entertainment on their handsets," said Country Manager Indonesia Yahoo!, Pontus Sonnerstedt in his testimony before the Tribunnews on Thursday (08/04/2011).

He said that Ramadan is a holy month for all Muslims in Indonesia. Yahoo website, web and mobile digital content offers the best in a very deep personal experience during the holy month of giving.

Subscribers may also provide the advantage of the features Yahoo! Safely (, ie, tools and guidance for children, teens and parents a feeling of safety and enjoyment in using the Internet.

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